Building a Nest for a Flightless Bird


H eyaa ~
My name is Prima. I'm Filipino, and I'm studying
Public Health and Anthropology. I love arts&crafts,
dance and derping. This blog is a collection of
odds and ends, inspirations and dreams.
Basically, I'm building a nest for
a flightless bird.

~ Wednesday, April 11 ~


I started out looking for these [white] magnolias:

And discovered that magnolias actually come in different colors! Look at these gorgeous flowers x____X


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~ Sunday, April 8 ~

"Pergolas" and garden layout

So I’ve seen stuff like this around campus with vines climbing all over them and whatnot, but I never knew what they were called. Of course i assumed they were some kind of trellis, but i didn’t really research them until now…

I googled “trellis archway” and one of the links spoon-fed me what i was looking for:

They’re called “pergolas” apparently… huh o-o

Anyways, I guess they’re the squared-off, flat-roofed forms of archways. The last one with the stone pillars are the kind they have on campus, but I’m looking for more of a wooden kind. I’m picturing a sort of shallow, covered tunnel that can basically shade the plants in the plot underneath it. Outside, I’d mount more trellis structures up the pillars to give the vine plants somewhere to climb. Hopefully they’d grow up and over the top, with the veggies hanging down through the top…

Something like these ideas:

Tomatoes at epcot (sorry! idr where i got this :/ i think it was off flickr :<… if you find the source, lmk!)

Awesome wire-trellis walkway :D (also idk where this is from ;[) But that’s the basic idea :DD

I really wanna try some of these alternative planting methods too… soo cute, soo retro :]]

Mounted coffee can pots ~ (again… source??)


Mounted jars

Egg shells


Wine boxes


N E wayzz les just hope i have the $$ to fund all this x__X

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Gardenzzzz yo

A list of the goodies i’m trying to grow in my garden!

  1. tomatos
  2. snow peas
  3. sugar snap peas
  4. peas
  5. carrots
  6. okra
  7. (asian) eggplant
  8. basil
  9. cilantro
  10. green onions
  13. long beans
  14. bell peppers
  15. cayenne peppers
  16. cucumber

le mango seedling (roots n stuffs); it’s weird but i had to bust open the mango “seed” (more like husk-thang) to get to this thing (which i guess is the actual seed)… probs wont have a tree for a LONGGGG time… but the rents bought another box of mangoes = about 10-15 more seeds (yay for trial / error :3). Hopefully some of these seedlings take, and I can start giving some to my friends as well xD

I started seeds in this make-shift egg container planter thingy (yay recycling), but i also did a whole second set of the same veggies in plastic bags with soaked paper towels… ironically the baggies worked better than straight up soil o_O

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