Building a Nest for a Flightless Bird


H eyaa ~
My name is Prima. I'm Filipino, and I'm studying
Public Health and Anthropology. I love arts&crafts,
dance and derping. This blog is a collection of
odds and ends, inspirations and dreams.
Basically, I'm building a nest for
a flightless bird.

~ Sunday, April 8 ~

Golden Trumpet (Yellow Flowering) Tree

They have a couple of these by my dorm on campus :3

This one is by my parking lot :]

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So i took this pic on campus because omg these flowers were blooming everywhere and frikken gorgeous…

but i’m not sure what kind of flowers they are o-o i think they might be azaleas… but not sure ;(

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"Confederate Jasmine"

I see these allll over my school campus x__X they smell AMAZING (like Gardenias<3) My mom calls them “dama de noche”

They grow like crawlers or vines, and there’s sooo many little white flowers

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